How to use polls and decisions to improve your meeting decisions

Dec 4, 2016     By Matthew Proctor

Whilst running a meeting, you can create multiple polls and decisions to help your team decide on important business decisions.

Creating A Poll

The first step to create a poll is to decide on a type. All polls are multiple choice, and you can even chose a pre-configured "yes"/"no" style poll to save time.

Kutamo - Creating a poll step 1

Setting Your Poll Question and Options

Each poll or decision is made up of a title, one or more options, and a date at which the poll will close.

The close date is useful for decisions that need to be made before a certain time, but you aren't sure whether all your team contacts can attend your meeting.

You can also choose to automatically close the poll once all team contacts have made their selection.

Kutamo - Setting your poll question and options

Finding Your Poll In Your Meeting

In your meeting, you and your team contacts can simply click on the Decisions tab shown below, to see your poll.

Kutamo - Using a poll within a meeting

Your Team Contacts Can Contribute In Real Time

As your team contacts make their selections, you can see progress on the poll in real-time.

Kutamo - Polls in Action

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