This Week At Kutamo - April 28th

Apr 28, 2017     By Matthew Proctor

Welcome to the sixth This Week At Kutamo.

These posts are weekly(ish) updates on what we're doing, what changes we've made, and new features we've added during the week.

Kutamo is an ever-evolving meeting managment platform, and things change quite literally every day.

Week Ending April 28th 2017

This week has been a week of improvements and changes - next week we have a bunch of new features going live, so stay tuned!

Slightly more than week since our last update...

  • We've just had Easter and all our team have eaten their chocolate eggs, so it's back to work. Here in Australia, we've also just had Anzac Day, so it's been a little quieter than normal.

New Shiny Things!

  • We've created a new "Quick Meeting" feature that lets you jump straight into a blank meeting to get going. You can invite your members and participants to the meeting, and build your agenda in real time.
  • Due to popular demand, we've started adding video tutorials to the site, to help you learn how to use the functionality of Kutamo more efficiently. Check them out on our tutorials page.
  • We've simplified (again) the process of creating a new meeting, it is now a much faster and logical process.


  • Meeting agendas can now be modified and reordered within a meeting, and you can even create new items in real time.
  • Meeting names and the meeting date can now be updated in real-time during a meeting.

Have a suggestions?

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