Kutamo introduces Audio & Video Conferencing

Jun 14, 2017     By Matthew Proctor

Audio & Video Conferencing is Live!

We've added audio and video conferencing to meetings! You can now communicate in real-time with your meeting participants - just like Skype or Whatsapp, but inside your meeting.

Up to 4 participants share audio and video concurrently in our Free and Standard options, with Enterprise having more capabilities

This feature helps you run online meetings without having to run Skype, WebEx or a similar tool at the same time.

Kutamo now supports Audio & Video Conferencing

How does it work?

Put simply, all you need to do is click the video button on the top of the meeting application, as shown below. This will start your video (assuming you have a camera on your laptop or PC), and other people can do the same to join in.

How to Start a Video or Audio Call

How to use Audio and Video Conferencing?

We've created a tutorial explaining how to use this new Kutamo feature.

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Video and Call Recording

Coming soon, we'll be launching our call recording service, giving you and your participants the ability to automatically record the audio or video (or both) of your meeting.

Have a suggestions?

If you have any suggestions, or have found a bug, or would just like to reach out, use the feedback link at the top of every page, or visit our contact us page.

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