Using Kutamo as a Secure Data Room

Jul 24, 2017     By Matthew Proctor

A Data Room is a secure, virtual environment where one party can disclose confidential information and data to other parties, typically during a M&A or Due Diligence activity.

I the days before the internet and data rooms, M&A teams would need to visit an actual room in person to review piles of paperwork and critical documents.

The Kutamo Solution

Today, using Kutamo, you can share documents and files with participants from anywhere in the world, securely and with the confidence thaat everything shared is tracked and audited.

Kutamo allows you to upload as many files as you wish, in many different formats, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PDF, images and more. These files are processed and made available only to the people you invite.

The Kutamo Data Room

Tracking & Auditing

All access to Kutamo, including which documents are viewed and even which pages are viewed, is tracked for auditing purposes. During the process, or when finsihed, you can generate a report of the activitiy of every user.

How Kutamo Works

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