This Week At Kutamo - March 9th

Mar 9, 2017     By Matthew Proctor

Welcome to the first This Week At Kutamo.

These posts are weekly(ish) updates on what we're doing, what changes we've made, and new features we've added during the week.

Kutamo is an ever-evolving meeting managment platform, and things change quite literally every day.

Week Ending March 9th 2017

New Features

  • We've added the ability for you to export all your members into a CSV or Microsoft Excel file. This can be found under the Member Management page.
  • A zoom feature has been added to the document sharing tool, as a few members found their documents were a little hard to read when scaled down onto a web page.
  • We forgot that not everyone loves email, so we've added an Opt Out / Unsubscribe feature. It was on our list to build, but we've brought this forward.


  • You now receive a notification when your team organizer changes your permissions, or when you are added to or removed from a team.
  • A number (well, a lot!) of usability improvements have been made to the meeting app, and it's faster and more stable than ever!

Have a suggestions?

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