Managing Candidate Interviews with Kutamo

Apr 6, 2017     By Matthew Proctor

Managing candidate interviews using pen and paper is still a common HR process, and many companies today still use printed forms to keep track of interviews and candidate responses

Whilst pen and paper works, retrieving historical interviews or generating reports is almost impossible, as you tend to spend half your day searching through filing cabinets for the interview records.

Old fashioned job application form

Kutamo can streamline that process by standardizing the interview into a step-by-step process and helping interviewers keep track of responses and answers from a candiate in a structured, searchable form.

A typical job interview, no matter what the industry, follows a relatively common structure.

  • Introductions
  • Summary of the role
  • Review of the candidate's qualifications and experience
  • A quiz or test if the role is technical
  • General Q&A

Kutamo allows you to create structured meeting following your existing recruitment principles and needs. By using this structure as a template for future interviews, your organization retains a consistent database of interview responses and data.

During the interview process, Kutamo provides the HR professional the ability to take notes, upload files such as the candidate's CV or Resume, and even set themselves reminders for future activities, such as reference checks or follow-ups.

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