This Week At Kutamo - May 12th

May 12, 2017     By Matthew Proctor

Welcome to the seventh This Week At Kutamo.

These posts are weekly(ish) updates on what we're doing, what changes we've made, and new features we've added during the week.

Kutamo is an ever-evolving meeting managment platform, and things change quite literally every day.

Week Ending May 12th 2017

This week has been a week of improvements and changes - next week we have a bunch of new features going live, so stay tuned!

New Features

  • We've added much more information about outcomes to the meeting minutes - including the due date and priority of each outcome that has been allocated to a team member.
  • A new Quick Meeting tool has been added, allowing to you instantly start a new meeting, without having to configure its options. Once in the meeting, you can configure it as you wish. This is a great way of jumping straight into the platform and get started!
  • From within your live meeting, you can preview your meeting minutes without leaving the application. The preview is updated in real time, and is a great way of seeing how your minutes will look and what information they contain before you finish your meeting.


  • Your user dashboard now more clearly shows which meetings are in-progress, and who's in the meeting. This makes it easier to see what and where you should be.

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