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How to make an Audio or Video call

These instructions provide a brief introduction on how to make and manage an audio or video call whilst you're using the Kutamo meeting application.

Using Kutamo, you can start an Audio or Video call with your participants at any time during a meeting - it is a great way to actually see and collaborate more closely in a meeting.

Starting a Call

to start an audio or video call, you simply click the video icon on the main menu during a menu. This is shown below in blue.

How to start a video call from a Kutamo meeting

After clicking, your web browser may ask you for permission to access your camera. If this happens, simply click OK or Accept.

Allowing Kutamo to access your webcam


Managing your Call

During a call, you have a few options available. If you are the organizer of the call, you can take control of every aspect of the call.

In call controls - Leave Call Leave Call This button lets you leave a call, whilst other participants can continue without you. You can rejoin at any time using the Start button on the top menu.
In call controls - End Call End Call Clicking this button will end the current Audio or Video call for all participants. Audio and Video will cease on all browsers.
In call controls - Mute Everyone Mute Everyone If there is too much background noise from your participants, simply click this button to mute everyone except yourself.


Managing your own Video

You can also control your own individual video options - simply move your mouse over your preview window, and three new options will appear on the left.

Kutamo in-call video options

Managing your video - button 1     Expand Video    This option will expand the size of the currently selected participant's video.
Managing your video - button 2 Toggle Audio This option will toggle the mute status of a participant.
Managing your video - button 3 Toggle Video This option will toggle on and off the video of a participant.


Compatibility and Availability

Voice and Video Calls are supported in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox on both Windows and Mac platforms.


Bandwidth Usage

The amount of bandwidth used by audio and video calls vary greatly depending on the call quality and how well we can compress a video image that is being sent to meeting participants.

For example, a video of a meeting participant sitting at a desk looking at their camera compresses much more than one where he is at home and dog is running around in the background of the video. :-)

As a general rule, we always work on the highest amount of data used for a video call, so keep this in mind.

Type of Call Download Upload
Video Call, per participant 200kbps 100kbps
Video Call, 2 participant 400kbps 200kbps
Video Call, 4 participant 800kbps 400kbps

Are my calls Encrypted and Secure?

Our audio and video calls use a technology called WebRTC, videos are encoded using VP9 or H264 depending on your browser, and sent via an encrypted HTTPS session.

We don't keep recordings of your calls, but we do store some meta data including the duration of calls, the IP addresses of participants (which we record anyway as part of meetings), and in some cases the call quality.