Help & Documentation

Getting additional help

On the bottom right corner of every page on the Kutamo website (and application) is a small "Kutamo Support" box - simply click on this to initiate a conversation with one of our friendly and helpful team members.

We don't have an actual support team - the folk you are talking to are our actual developers, so you'll always get an honest and fast answer to your questions.

If you have any suggestions for us, feel free to let us know via this as well, as our developers love to tinker with new ideas.

No one seems to be online!

If we're not around (unfortunately we don't all work 24hrs a day...), you can also contact us using our online form - this will send an email to a shared mailbox, and whomever gets to the office first on the next day will respond to you!

Click the button below to send us a message!