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Copying an existing Meeting

Create from Existing Meeting

Begin by clicking on New Meeting to open the options.

Create from Existing Meeting 2

From the meeting options, go to Create from Existing Meeting and use the drop-down box to choose from an existing or previous saved meeting, tick the boxes for Include existing files and documents and or existing polls and decision if required, then click Create to continue to the next tab.

Create from Existing Meeting 3

On the Meeting Details tab, select your required Meeting Name, Start Date and Time, Duration, optional Description and of course Contacts In This Meeting (see page on Creating a New Meeting for instructions) then click Next Step to proceed to the next tab.

Create from Existing Meeting 4

On the Agenda tab, you can move an item or group by clicking and draging them. You can also add new items to a section, or delete items. Note that you can also click on Reset Agenda and all items will be returned to their original positions, along with the return on any default items you deleted.

(See page on Creating a New Meeting for more instructions and visual guides.)

When finished, click Next Step.

Create from Existing Meeting 5

With Files and Resources, you can simply Upload Files from your PC or Get files from the Cloud.

Once again, when you're finished click the Next Step button.

Create from Existing Meeting 6

On Settings and Save, tick any of the required boxes to set any privacy restrctions, invites for participants, set agenda items as a To-Do List and so on (see above image example), otherwise feel free to leave them unticked and when ready, click on Create New Meeting to save your meeting.

Create from Existing Meeting 7

You will then be shown this page, confirming the meeting has been successfully created. You can then choose to Start the meeting or Create Another Meeting.