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Creating a new Meeting

To begin, click the +New Meeting button on the Dashboard page and select Custom Meeting as shown in the above image, which will take you to the first tab titled New Meeting. Here you can choose to Create a new meeting from scratch, Create from Template or Create from Existing Meeting.

Create A Meeting From Scratch

Under Option 1 - Create a new Meeting, click the Create link to create a new meeting from scratch with a simple agenda.

Create a new meeting 1

You will then be taken to the next tab, named Meeting Details, where you can begin to create your meeting.

Enter your preferred Meeting Name and Description - latter being optional so it can be left blank.

Next, change your Start Date & Time details. For the date, either press the Calendar icon and browse until you find the day and month then press it to select, or manually input the details in the box next to it.

Create a new meeting 2

Then, click on the Clock button to open the Time Picker and choose from the hours shown. If your specific meeting start time is not included in the list, manually input the time in the box.

Create a new meeting 3

To change the meeting length, click on the drop-down box titled Duration and select from the list of options available.

If you also multiple locations saved, select the drop-down list under Location and choose from the selection available (see below image).

Create a new Meeting 4

For Participants, open the drop-down menu named Add Contacts to your Meeting to manually select each participant, or choose All Contacts to select all participants - then press the +Add Contact button to confirm your selection.

You can also select a previously saved team in your account from the drop down list under Add an entire Team to your Meeting, then confirm by pressing the +Add Team button.

Once either option has been confirmed, your contacts will be displayed under Contacts In This Meeting.

For Inviting new contacts or guests to join your meeting, enter their email address, first and last name if required, as well as their Permissions (Participant, Administrator or Meeting Organizer) in the boxes - plus tick the Guest box if required - and press +Invite to Meeting. They will automatically be contacted with the meeting details and the link to join. Note that a guest is allowed to join the meeting, but will not be able to join any of your other meetings.

Create a new meeting 5

Below is an example of multiple participants selected for the meeting.

When ready to move on, click the Next Step button.

Under Agenda, you can change the order of items and add/delete items or categories to your hearts content. To add a new item, first hover your mouse over the category under which this new addition will go, then left-clicking your mouse on the + button that appears. Then, add a title to the new item and click off to the side of the item to save it.

Should you not need an item, hover your mouse over it to show a small menu and select the select Trash can icon.

You can also use this menu to change between a category and an item or add a new item.

To Move Items/Categories Around, click-and-drag the required item. Otherwise, you can move them using the icon with up and down arrows.

Note that should you make a mistake or change your mind, you can click Clear Agenda - which is under Load from a Template or Clear the Agenda - to reset the whole list back to it's default order. Note that this will remove any items you added as well, so should you need them again in the future add them in again using the same procedure from before.

To save this agenda list for the future as a custom meeting template, type a Template Name in the box under Creating a new Agenda Template and click Save New Template.

Finally, you can click on Load from Template to use a previously saved template should have one you need to use.

To move forward to the next tab, click Next Step.

Create a new meeting 7

To add files to your meeting: under Files tab, choose the option to either Get files from the Cloud in your network or Upload Files from your PC directly.

Create a new meeting 8

On the Settings and Save tab, you can make your final changes to the accessibility for participants. Should you require the meeting to be public for example, tick the box under Allow External Guests to allow anyone with the meeting link to join your meeting. Do the same for any of the other options shown that you don't need or just leave them unticked.

Create a new meeting 9

To finish simply click + Save New Meeting to generate your meeting.

You will then be taken to the final page, confirming the meeting has been successfully created and is ready for use. You can then choose from either Start Meeting or Create Another Meeting. Please note that should you start the meeting early, you can easily save any changes made then return to the meeting at the prearranged time.

Create a new meeting 10