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How to add contacts to your organization

Dashboard Getting Started

From Getting Started on the home page, click on Manage my contacts (see above image). This will take to the Manage Your Contacts page.

From here, choose either Add New Member to add an individual member manually, or Import Members to upload multiple members from a list of email accounts.

Option 1. Add New Member

Manage Your contacts page

Select Add Contact, which will display the form as shown below. Once you have added the member's Email Address, First Name and Last Name, press Add a New Contact to confirm. We'll automatically send them an invitation via email to confirm their details. Once the contact has accepted the invite, they will be able to join and fully participate in your meetings.

Add Contact

You will then see a message appear as shown in the above image, stating the invitation email has been sent.

Add Contact 2

Alternatively, you can also use the address in the box under Invite Contacts via a link to invite your clients, colleagues and suppliers to join your organization; this can be sent to them via email or instant messenger.

Option 2. Import Members

Import Contacts 1

From Manage Your Contacts, click on Import (shown above) to take you to the Import New Contacts page.

Import Contacts 2

Here, you can paste/type a list of email addresses separated by commas or new lines into the box, or you upload a .csv or .xls list of emails - usually made in Excel - to automatically save the basic address for editing.

To upload a file, either drag-and-drop the file, or click the Browse button to open a box for you to browse you computer for the file. At this point, the name and extension will appear in the box, so to finish click on the Begin Import.

Once complete, you will be taken to the next page (below) which will confirm the import was complete. You can then choose to either Import More Contacts or Return to Contacts page for other tasks.

Import Contacts 3

Edit Your Contacts Individually

Once back on Manage Your Contacts, select an individual member from the list and choose from Edit Profile, Update Photo or Delete Contact. See below image example.

Edit Contact 1

Edit Profile

After clicking Edit Profile, you will see the form as show below, where you can edit the contact's Email Address, First Name, Last Name, Contact Permissions (such as Meeting Organizer), Job Title or Role and Web Site.

Edit Contact

After you finsh by clicking Save Changes, you will be returned to Manage Your Members, where you can review the brief summary of the member details by clicking on their name (see below image).

Manage Your Members after edit

Note that you will also see the Delete Member option, allowing for the individual selected member to be permanently deleted. If selected, it will display a box asking you to confirm you want this member deleted, so if yes then just click OK to confirm.