Help & Documentation

Creating a team and adding contacts

From your Dashboard, click on Manage Teams under Getting Started (see above image). This will take you to the Manage Your Teams page.

From here, click on the New Team button. (See below image example)

Manage Your Teams page 1

On the next page, type the name of your team in the box then press Create to take you to the next page. Also, you have the option to lock this team so that only you can maintain it, so if you want to enable this, check the box before clicking Create (see the below example). This will save your selection(s) and return you to the Teams tab.

Manage Your Teams Page 2

Add Unassigned Members to Team

First, select from the list of saved Teams. To add unassigned participants to your Team, either click-and-drag them from Unassigned Contacts across to Team Contacts, or select the participant and click the Left Arrow (see below image example) to move them to across.

Manage Your Teams Page 3

Once pressed, you will see the contact has been moved (see below). To remove the participant, select them and click the Right Arrow button or click-and-drag to return them to Unassigned Contacts.

Manage Your Teams Page 4

To move an entire list of unassigned contacts to the team, click the Double Left Arrow button (pictured below).

Manage Your Teams Page 5

Conversely, by pressing the Double Right Arrow button, it will remove all contacts from a team.

NB: Remember to click Save Changes to ensure any changes made are correctly stored (see below), before moving on to the tabs for Import or Export.

NB: to delete a team, select the one you don't need then press Delete Team. Note that this cannot be undone, so if you do this by mistake you will need to start over by creating a new team via the previous instructions.

Save Team

Import Team

Import Team Page 1

First, select a saved team. Then, you have two options to import new contacts. Either 1) input a list of email address under Invite Team Contacts via Email and click on Import new Contacts, or 2) if you have a list of contacts saved as either a Microsoft Excel or CSV file, click on the Import XLS or CSV button (see above image for example of both options).

For the latter option, on the next page (below), then either paste a list of email addresses in the box shown, or press Browse to upload a file. Then, press Begin Import.

Import Team Page 2

You will then see a message (example shown highlighted green below) confirming the successful import of new members. Kutamo will automatically email the new contacts via the addresses given, where they can accept your invitation.

You can then either add more members in the same fashion or click Return to Teams, returning you to the first Team tab page.

Import Team Page 3

Back on the Teams page, assuming the email contacts have accepted the invitation you will see your team now includes the saved members, along with unassigned members still available for import should you so require.

Remember, if you make any changes - i.e. adding or removing members - it is recommended you click Save Changes to ensure your changes are stored.

Export Team

On the Export Team Contacts tab shown below, you can choose to export the select team as either a CSV (text) or Microsoft Excel file. Once either button is pressed, it will automatically download to your computer etc, where you will be able to open the list and view at your convenience.

Export Page