Help & Documentation

Registering a new account

To create a new Kutamo account, press the blue Sign Up button on the top of any page.

Sign Up Button

This will take you to the registration page, where you can then select from the multiple options available. These range from a simplified registration form to signing up via one of the social networks or businesses available.

Option 1. Create a new Kutamo account with your Email and Password

Enter your Full Name, Email Address, Your Company or Organization and Password. Then, click Register Now to complete your sign up. Kutamo will then automatically sign you in and take you to your Dashboard for the first time. This is where you will have immediate access to all the features of this service.

Register Now

If you don’t want to input your details in this manner however, click on More Options below Register Now and select from the any of the social media networks and business service alternatives.


Option 2. Register via LinkedIn

To register via LinkedIn, select the LinkedIn button to the right of the form. This will take you to the next page (see below image) where you will be asked to sign in to LinkedIn to allow access, so input your email and password then press the Allow access button. If your LinkedIn details are saved already in the browser and display automatically on the form, you only need to press Allow access to proceed.

LinkedIn Register Form 1

Pressing this button will take you to the Complete Your Registration page to fill in the details as required. Once done, press Register Now to automatically complete the process and go to the site’s Dashboard page.

LinkedIn Register Form 2

Option 3. Register via Google

Select the Google button to take you to the page where you will need to enter you email address (unless the browser has your Google email saved, in that case it will display automatically), then press Next.

On the following page, input your Google password unless displayed already, then press Next.

Google Registration Form 1 Google Registration Form 2

You will then be asked to allow Kutamo access to your Google account (as shown below), so click Allow to complete this part.

Google Registration Form 3

On the final page shown below, complete your registration via the form and press Register Now to sign in.

Google Registration Form 4

Option 4. Register via Facebook

After selecting the Facebook button, you will be sent to the page to Log in via Facebook. Input your Email address or phone number and Password manually, unless automatically included by your browser, then press Log In.

Facebook Registration Form 1

You will then see the following message on your browser via your Facebook page, requesting you give access to Kutamo. Select Continue.

Facebook Registration Form 2

On the final page (below), fill out the form then press Register Now to complete the registration and log in to the Dashboard.

Facebook Registration Form 3

Option 5. Register via Microsoft

Once having pressed the Microsoft button, you will be asked to either input your email address and password manually (see below image), or you may be shown an option to select a saved account if you used the same browser to save your Microsoft login details. Note however, that if it’s just the manual option, it may automatically transfer you to another page to input your password separately as soon as you click the mouse off the email address, as this is a Microsoft page with a specific way of loading pages.

Microsoft Registration Form 1

If it does require the password on the separate page (below), type this and press Sign in.

Microsoft Registration Form 2

On the following page, Microsoft will ask you to allow Kutamo to access your info (below). Simply select Yes.

You will then be transferred to the Complete Your Registration form (below), so input your details and press Register Now to sign in.

Microsoft Registration Form 3

Option 6. Register via Twitter

After selecting the Twitter button, you will be taken to the page shown below, which will authorize Kutamo to use your account. Here, input your Twitter username/email and password - unless automatically displayed - then click Sign In.

Twitter Registration Form 1

On the next page (below), Complete Your Registration by filling out the form and clicking Register Now to take you to your Dashboard.

Twitter Registration Form 2

Option 7. Register via Dropbox

After clicking the Dropbox link, you will be taken to the Sign in to Dropbox page, where you can either input your Dropbox Email and Password or Sign in with Google (see below).

Dropbox Registration Form 1

If you selected the former option, you will be taken to the following Registration form to input your details. Then, click Register Now to complete the sign up process.

Dropbox Registration Form 2

Finally: remember, if you register your account using any of the social media or business sites, you only need to select their option on the Sign In page to automatically log in each time using the same browser, without manually inputting your email address and password to log in.