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How to Login to Kutamo

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Once you have registered a new account, you can select the orange Sign In button on the top of the Kutamo website to take you to the log in page and select your log in option.

Option 1. Sign in with your Email Address and Password

Type in your email address and password then press Log in. It will then automatically load the Dashboard homepage for the site. Note that to have you only do this whole step once, tick the box next to Remember me (see image below) before you log in and it will save your information, allowing you to only need to press “Log in” in the future. However, if you are using a public or shared computer this is not recommended.

Also, if you are using a Private or Incognito tab on your browser it may not save the details, so be sure to use a normal tab for this option to avoid repeating these steps in the future.

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Option 2. Sign in using Social Media and Business Services

If you have already signed up via one of the alternative social networks or services, you only need to press the button for that option (see right side of above image) to automatically login to access the site without needing to put in your email and password.

For instructions on signing up for any of the above options, see our page on How to Register with Kutamo.