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Updating your profile and photo

From your Dashboard open the drop-down box on the top-right and click Profile (see below image). This will take you to Your Profile page.

Profile via Dashboard

1. Edit Profile

From Your Profile, click Edit Profile. This opens up the page to Update Your Profile.

Your Profile page

From this page, you can make changes to your account's Email Address, First/Last Name, Job Title or Role and Web Site. When done, simply click Save Changes.

Update Your Profile Page

2. Edit Photo

Edit Photo 1

After clicking Edit Photo (above image), your browser will take you to Updating Your Profile Photo.

Edit Photo 2

Here, drag and drop your photo in the box (see uploaded photo example shown below).

You can then choose to Crop/Rotate Photo, Delete Photo or simply select Back to Profile to return to Your Profile page, where you can see your photo has already been saved.

Recommendation: We recommend you use an image with the dimensions 250 x 250 pixels, and no more than 2Mb in size.

3. Edit Preferences

Click Edit Preferences to open Preferences and Settings. Here, you can make changes to HTML or Text Emails for the type of emails you receive. You can also check or uncheck Daily email meeting reminders to confirm they are only sent when there are future meetings (this is already checked as it's default for accounts), as well the option for Two Factor Authentication. For the latter, note enabling this arranges for Kutamo to send an SMS to your nominated mobile phone to validate your access to the system. To save, click Update Preferences or click Cancel to discard any changes.

(See below image example of default settings)


4. Change Password

Finally, you also have the option to change/reset your password.

Open by clicking Change Password. Next, enter your new password in the forms provided then click Change Password to save.

NB: your new password must have at least one number, one letter and be at least 6 characters long. We suggest choosing a strong password to protect your details and meeting information. Alternatively, we recommend using a service such as LastPass to generate a random password for each website you join.

Change Password 2