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Exporting your Google Mail contacts

You can export all your saved Contacts from Gmail to later add to Kutamo.

Exporting Contacts

Open to show you your default Gmail contacts. Note that you cannot export contacts from within Gmail.

Gmail - Default Contacts Menu

Next, since the new version of Gmail's Contacts app doesn't support contact exporting, click Go to the old version.

Gmail - open to old version of Gmail

Thirdly, from the menu select More, and click Export.

Gmail- open Export menu

Fourth, select either The group for just the saved contacts in a specific folder, or choose All Contacts to export every one. Then, choose from Which export format. We recommend choosing Outlook CSV format for Kutamo. When done, select and click Export.

Gmail - export contacts

This will automatically save the CSV file to the default location saved in your browser's settings.

Finally, it's recommended you locate and open the file to verify your contacts are there (see below for example of finished CSV file). It is also recommended when finished you close the file without saving any changes you make, as the list can get messed up and you'd have to start exporting all over again to use the list in the future with Kutamo.

Saved Excel CSV file