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Exporting your Outlook Contacts

You can export all your saved Contacts from Outlook to use with Kutamo. Note this method is only for Outlook 2016 or 2013, so if you don't see the options as shown in the images below, you are using an older version of Outlook and need to head over to the support section of the Microsoft Office page to get instructions for your version of the program.

Exporting Contacts

In Outlook, go to the ribbon menu as shown and select File.

Outlook - File Menu

Next, choose Open & Export and select Import/Export.

Outlook - Open Import/Export

In the Import and Export Wizard, select Export to a file and click Next.

Outlook- Export 3

From the next set of options, select Comma Separated Values.

Outlook - Comma Separated Values

Then, select the folder from where you want to export your contacts - in the case below the entire list of saved Contacts - and click Next.

Outlook - select folder for export

Choose Browse, name your file, and choose OK.

Outlook - name your CSV file

Decide on a location where your new contacts file will be saved on your computer and select Next.

Then, Select Finish to immediately start exporting your contacts.

Outlook - files being exported

Finally, it's recommended you locate and open the file to verify your contacts are there (see below image example with blanked out private information). It is also recommended when finished you close the file without saving any changes you make, as the list can get messed up and you'd have to start exporting all over again to use the list in the future with Kutamo.

Excel CSV file with contacts