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Logging in with Salesforce

To page instructs on how to sign in to Kutamo using your Salesforce account.

Important Note: Please make sure that you have already signed up and validated your account with Salesforce before following the instructions on this page. To sign up for their service go to, fill out the form and validate your account via the link in the email sent to you, then you're ready to proceed.

To begin, open the form via either the Sign Up page, or in this case - and to save time - by opening up the Log In page then clicking the Salesforce icon as shown below.

Salesforce Link

Next, you will be taken to the page below where you will be asked to Allow Access for Kutamo. Click the Allow button to continue.

Allow Access page

You will then be taken to the Sign Up form (see below image for example), where you can now completely register your account. Fill out the form and click Register Now to complete the process.

Register Account

NB: note that once you have completed these steps, you now only have to click the Salesforce icon on the Log In page to automatically sign you in, without having to type your login details every time.