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Using the Kutamo Office 365 App

Installing the Kutamo Office 365 App

From Microsoft's AppSource website, search for Kutamo and click GET IT NOW.

AppSource Get It Now

If you haven't already, you'll be prompted to log in to Microsoft at this point and follow the prompts until you get to Manage add-ins.

From here, click on Install to confirm.

Install Kutamo to Outlook

You'll then get a confirmation message (see below) stating Kutamo has been added to Outlook.


Access your Outlook Mail from your browser and click the Kutamo icon, then select Get Started!.

You'll then need to follow the sign-up prompts to complete your Kutamo account.

About this time, you should also receive an email from Kutamo requesting you confirm your account so simply select the Yes I'm Real link. This will take you to your Kutamo Dashboard to show confirmation of the successful activation (see below image).

Click Continue to return to Outlook to continue using Kutamo.

Kutamo account activation

Create a Meeting in Outlook

To create a meeting, open an email in Outlook and click on the Kutamo symbol. Sign in to Kutamo using your Outlook account if it asks and input the required Meeting Name, Description, Start Date, Start Time and Add Participants to your meeting.

Create Meeting 1

Next, scroll down and select your required privacy settings and click Create Meeting.

Create Meeting 2

You will then get the confirmation message as shown below, so when ready either click on Done to close it, or on Launch to take you to the meeting in Kutamo.

Meeting Created

NB: note that you can create a meeting from any opened email in Outlook, so feel free to experiment and see how you go!