Help & Documentation

How to add a poll and make decisions

Begin by selecting the agenda item under which you want the poll to go.

Next, click on Decisions to the left of the item as shown in the image below.

From here, click the blue Create New Poll button.

Create a poll 1

You can now choose between either a Multiple Choice or Yes/No poll.

Create a poll 2

Multiple Choice Poll

After selecting Multiple Choice, you can input the Question, tick Auto Close (or leave unticked if it's unneccessary), select a Close Date (assuming Auto Close is unticked) and finally, enter one or more Options such as "yes" or "no" for attendees to choose from. Should you actually need more options, simply click + Add Another Option as many times as you need. Then, when finished click the Create and Save Poll button.

Create a poll 3

You will then see your poll in Decisions, where at any time the poll is active, make your selection and or choose to + Add New Option, Close Poll or Delete Poll. Or, if still in use just leave it as is.

Create a poll 4

Below is an example of a poll with an option selected. Note that the actual pecentage for the options shown will change if other attendees make different selections.

Create a new poll 5

Yes/No Poll

Create a new poll 6

For the Yes/No poll, you will be shown the following window where the selections are limited to Question, Auto Close and Close Date as shown above. When having made your selections, once again click Create and Save Poll to finish.

If you have multiple polls under one topic, below is an example of how they will appear when open and prior to any responses from attendees.

Create a poll 7

Please also note that if any poll is not set to automatically close by it's creator, or is not manually closed during a meeting, it will stay open until after the official meeting date has passed.