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Managing Locations for Meetings

You can now manage your Location(s) for your meeting in Kutamo.

Add New Locations

From your Dashboard, select your the down arrow next to your account name to open the drop-down menu and click on Account.

Dashboard - Open Account

On Your Account Details, scroll through the list of options until you see Manage Your Locations and Rooms and click Manage Locations.

Account - Manage Locations

Under Your Locations, add a new location by filling out the required and optional fields as you need then click Add New Location.

Account - Manage Locations

Your new Location is now saved as shown below and is ready to be used in your meetings.

Your Locations

Add Location to a Meeting

Begin by creating a new meeting. The below example follows creating a meeting from scratch but the Location option is available for all standard meeting types.

Kutamo Creat Meeting

Under Meeting Details tab, click the down arrow on the section titled Location.. This will display a drop-down menu showing you the available locations to host your meeting, including Location. Select from the available option and you're done. All the other Meeting tabs are standard options you are familiar with so continue to the create your meeting normally from this point onwards.

Meeting Details- Location

The below image is an example of all the fields in Meeting Details filled out.

Meeting with Location